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How do I export user data?

Hey Kinvey! i am trying to export 8000 users from the backend system and it exports as a .json file, which I can't import into mail chimp. I want to inform these 8000 users that a new app version is out. How do I do that?

Hi Ariella,

You can convert your JSON file to CSV, then open it with Excel or another spreadsheet editor if you need to edit. I believe that CSV's upload to MailChimp. Try this interface for getting a CSV download:
Thanks Caroline! It keeps saying error when I upload my JSON. Is it because I have too much data in the JSON file?
When I import the Json file and click Export to .csv, it says invalid file type :(
Hm, that web app may not be the ideal. You may want to google around for other JSON to CSV converters. Most are free but some are paid. I'll see if I can find one that looks good.
I found this one that also allows a download:
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