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Custom Data link with querystrings

I have a custom data link that I can pass url querystring parameters to and get my data. When I use the Kinvey library for accessing that, how can I pass those parameters?

Do I still create a query?

var query = new Kinvey.Query();

query.equalTo('top', 20);

Kinvey.DataStore.find('myDatalink', query, { etc...


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You pass all query parameters to your data link using the normal library query interface (see

On the data link side the query is passed via a querystring parameter called "query" which is a JSON object.

In the example that you use above the data link connecter will have a query string of:

?query={"top": 20}

If you're trying this out in the API console, make sure that your collection ('myDatalink') has a trailing '/' before the query string (the libraries take care of this for you).
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