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SAP integration

Noticed you list SAP as an integration. Are there examples or documentation that can be shared? I would like to feed some data from SAP into my iOS app.

Good morning Mark,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Kinvey has the ability to integrate to backend systems like SAP via our DataLinks technology (Which you can read more about here: ). It's important to note that the brand of the system (SAP, Siebel, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, etc) doesn't matter as much as the interface you are trying to connect over (REST, SOAP, DB, or other legacy system). What type of API would you be looking to work with on your SAP system and can you share a bit more about what you're looking to accomplish with the integration and app overall?

This will give us a much better understanding of how to help you.

Thanks Damien. We would either use Web Service/SOAP or REST interfaces. The actual application is to fetch and populate our app with inventory data within SAP related to a customer record that resides in our database. I figured that the system itself did not matter based on what I read on on the site for the specific Data Link examples. I was more curious whether there was anything specific to SAP that one would need to be aware of given the complexity of the SAP architecture.
Hi there Mark,

Thanks for getting back in touch. I think that you'll appreciate that every system (SAP or otherwise) will have it's own nuances / complexities in it's implementation. These are often specific to the deployment / configuration moreso than how Kinvey assists you in implementing them, as a result we don't have any specific resources available for SAP at this time. If you had more specific questions going forward I would be better able to assist you at that time.

Happy Holidays,

I would like more information about connecting to SAP via the RFC Interface. I have an HTML5 based application where mobile devices (usually windows tablets) connect to an on-premise server (within the client firewall) and then the server connects to SAP via server-based .NET connectors.

I would like to have an architecture where my server can be in the cloud (not able to connect to clients SAP ECC backend), but rather the windows devices which are already on the corporate network communicate directly to the ECC backend, thus eliminating the need for me to install the server.


If this hasn't happened already, Kinvey team will reach out to you over email to help with this.



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