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Exported JSON file is "locked"

Hi! I've recently been running into this issue, where I export a data collection and when I open the JSON file, it is "locked" and it appears like an empty file. It looks like Kinvey has updated it's interface in the last week, and this issues seems to correlate with when this change occurred (I previously had no issues exporting the JSON files). Has anyone else experienced this? Please Advise!

Hey there NextME

Can you help me understand the steps you're taking so we can reproduce this issue on our end?

Hi Damien,

From the left sidebar, I click "Data", then I click "Settings" on the top right, I then scroll down and click "Export". I open the file and this is what I get:

![]( "")

Hey NextME,

I have reported this to the component owner. In the interim could you please email me your kinvey ID so we can take a look at a few things internally?

Just to update this topic, this issue has been resolved in production.

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