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Trouble using Offline mode

Offline mode is not working on my app with newer KinveyKit (1.18-1.22): no queue created on device, numberOfPendingSaves returns 0, and no sync when switching back online. My store is like this:

KCSCachedStore *store = [KCSCachedStore storeWithOptions:@{KCSStoreKeyCollectionName : @"testObjects",

KCSStoreKeyCollectionTemplateClass : [TestObject class],

KCSStoreKeyCachePolicy : @(KCSCachePolicyNone),

KCSStoreKeyUniqueOfflineSaveIdentifier : @"objects_list",

KCSStoreKeyOfflineSaveDelegate : self}];

Everything is working well with KinveyKit 1.17, but I need to use the file handling functionnalities introduced in 1.18.

Anybody using Offline mode with KinveyKit?

Hi Igor,

Thanks for bringing this up! Quick question so I can help address: Are you updating from 1.17 to a newer version and that's how you discovered the issue?

I noticed the issue first when I updating from 1.17.3 to 1.18.0. Every KinveyKit release since had the same problem.

I can reproduce the issue with you sample app StatusShare-iOS.
Hi Igor- There are a few topics now all that are noting the offline storage problem. We're diving in on it and I'll let you know when we have an update.
The latest release has the fix:
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