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Kinvey offline storage not working

I am using the below code to initialize for store but when I am trying to save in a offline mode, it is saying 'the connection timed out' or ' the network is not reachable'. How can I store it locally when the network is offline.

KCSAppdataStore *store = [KCSAppdataStore storeWithOptions:@{KCSStoreKeyCollectionName : @"testObjects"

,KCSStoreKeyCollectionTemplateClass : [TestObject class]

,KCSStoreKeyCachePolicy : @(KCSCachePolicyNone)

,KCSStoreKeyOfflineSaveDelegate : self

,KCSStoreKeyUniqueOfflineSaveIdentifier : @"ViewController"}];

[store saveObject:testObject withCompletionBlock:^(NSArray *objectsOrNil, NSError *errorOrNil)

So far what I have read in the documentation is KCSStoreKeyUniqueOfflineSaveIdentifier mandatory and I have just provided a random name here.

Hi Sohail-- I've noticed a few topics in the forum now that are all saying that there's an offline storage problem, so we're diving in on this issue and I'll let you know when we have an update.
Hi Caroline,

Has this issue been fixed? Can you please tell me in which version I can get this issue resolved?
Hi Sohail,

Yes- the latest release has the fix.
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