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[KCSUser activeUser].userId is nil after loggin in with Facebook identity

Guys, when I perform a login with my facebook identity, my active user is coming with no userId defined.

(lldb) po [KCSUser activeUser]

KCSUser: {

email = "";

"given name" = "Neto Leal";

username = lealneto;


(lldb) po [KCSUser activeUser].userId


Ideas on what is going on?


Now, I destroyed my user to start over and I can't log in with facebook identity

FBAccessTokenData *tokenData = facebookSession.accessTokenData;

NSString *token = [tokenData description];

NSLog(@"facebook token: %@", token);

[KCSUser loginWithSocialIdentity:KCSSocialIDFacebook accessDictionary:@{KCSUserAccessTokenKey: token} withCompletionBlock:^(KCSUser *user, NSError *errorOrNil, KCSUserActionResult result) {

NSLog(@"%@", user);



2013-11-11 15:50:53.715 LigaApp[16509:70b] facebook token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What does the error message say?
Michael, there were an error in my collection hook for users that wasn't visible. Now it's fixed.

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