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[KCSUser activeUser].userId is nil after loggin in with Facebook identity

Guys, when I perform a login with my facebook identity, my active user is coming with no userId defined.

(lldb) po [KCSUser activeUser]

KCSUser: {

email = "";

"given name" = "Neto Leal";

username = lealneto;


(lldb) po [KCSUser activeUser].userId


Ideas on what is going on?


Michael, there were an error in my collection hook for users that wasn't visible. Now it's fixed.

What does the error message say?
Now, I destroyed my user to start over and I can't log in with facebook identity

FBAccessTokenData *tokenData = facebookSession.accessTokenData;

NSString *token = [tokenData description];

NSLog(@"facebook token: %@", token);

[KCSUser loginWithSocialIdentity:KCSSocialIDFacebook accessDictionary:@{KCSUserAccessTokenKey: token} withCompletionBlock:^(KCSUser *user, NSError *errorOrNil, KCSUserActionResult result) {

NSLog(@"%@", user);



2013-11-11 15:50:53.715 LigaApp[16509:70b] facebook token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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