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Unable to create user

I'm trying to create a new user and getting this message:

2013-11-11 16:16:34.234 LigaApp[17698:70b] error: Error Domain=KCSUserErrorDomain Code=200 "Unable to create user" UserInfo=0xcf4e260 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to create user, kinveyRequestId=c4d98aecac1c413f9280337d0a2c46e4}

Where can I get more details on what's going wrong?


Hi Michael, that was exactly the problem. Since the server didn't say what was going wrong, I was late on notice that there were an error on the user's collection hook.

Now it's fine!

My fault.

Hi Neto,

Do you have a business logic hook on your user collection?
Michael, even if I try to create a new user on the web console, I can't. The system says that user was created, but the new user doesn't appears on the list.
Ops sorry! Before all that log, I got this too:

2013-11-12 10:09:14.648 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSKeyChain.m:140 [ERROR] SecItemCopyMatching returned -25300 for key 'Liga - username'!
Michael, thanks for the tip!

The error still persists. This is the log when I try to create a new user:


2013-11-12 10:09:14.648 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSGenericRESTRequest.m:79 [Network] Requesting resource:

2013-11-12 10:09:14.649 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSClient+KinveyKit2.m:28 [DEBUG] Using app key/app secret for auth: (kid_TeQ3pmb__f, ) => XXXXXXXXX

2013-11-12 10:09:14.649 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSAsyncConnection.m:125 [Network] Request resource:POST

2013-11-12 10:09:14.649 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSAsyncConnection.m:126 [Network] Request Headers:{

"Accept-Encoding" = gzip;

Authorization = XXXXXXXXX;

"Content-Length" = 43;

"Content-Type" = "application/json; charset=utf-8";

Date = "Tue, 12 Nov 2013 12:09:14 UTC";

"User-Agent" = "ios-kinvey-http/1.22.0 kcs/3.0";

"X-Kinvey-API-Version" = 3;

"X-Kinvey-Device-Information" = "iPhone_Simulator/x86_64 iPhone_OS 7.0.3 228DAB38-E3CB-424D-8132-89F11E6B0E39";

"X-Kinvey-ResponseWrapper" = true;


2013-11-12 10:09:14.955 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSAsyncConnection.m:309 [Network] Response completed with code 200 and response headers: {

Connection = "keep-alive";

"Content-Length" = 13;

"Content-Type" = "application/json; charset=utf-8";

Date = "Tue, 12 Nov 2013 12:09:14 GMT";

Server = nginx;

"x-kinvey-api-version" = 3;

"x-kinvey-request-id" = eca3da4a5da14c60840b9ce3cb63f75e;

"x-powered-by" = Express;


2013-11-12 10:09:14.955 LigaApp[24400:70b] KCSAsyncConnection.m:310 [Network] Kinvey Request ID: eca3da4a5da14c60840b9ce3cb63f75e

2013-11-12 10:09:14.955 LigaApp[24400:70b] KinveyUser.m:285 [ERROR] Received Response code 200, but expected 201 with response: {"result":{}}



thank you!
Turn on logging, that should display what is sent/received from Kinvey

[KCSClient configureLoggingWithNetworkEnabled:YES




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