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How can I send a push notification with a badge number.

I want to send a push notification with a badge number. How can I achieve that? Thanks

Hi Guillermo, Can you clarify what you mean by badge number?
The icon badge number. The little red circule on the left top corner of the app icon. The JSON dictionary that is going to be sent to the APNs can have a "badge" key that puts a number on the icon. I want to know how can I modify the default value ("0") that the kinvey push system sends
Finally found it under Business Logic complete reference:

var iOSAps = { alert: "You have a new message", badge: 2, sound: "notification.wav" }

var iOSExtras = {from: "Kinvey", subject: "Welcome to Business Logic"}

var androidPayload = {message: "You have a new Message", from: "Kinvey", subject: "Welcome to BL" }

var push = modules.push;

push.broadcastPayload(users, iOSAps, iOSExtras, androidPayload);

@BornaBeaković can you explain a bit more where can I change the value?
Here is the BL complete ref for iOS:
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