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Crash when moving iOS app into background if we call refreshFromServer:

We have an issue where our app crashes when it goes into the background if we make a call to [[KCSUser activeUser] refreshFromServer:…] in our AppDelegate when we're starting up our app. The crashes are often bad access, and sometimes unrecognized selector for didEnterBackground. Have you ever run into this before?

I had a similar set up (and thus issue) and contacted support about it. The response I got was "When the active user reinstated from nil using the saved credentials, the library fires off a background update on the user object. It's possible the conflicting updates create two contexts which causes the first one to be reclaimed before the notification is handled."

I fixed this with their advice by not actively calling the refreshFromServer method on launch and instead using KVO to observe completion so I could update my UI.

Provided code below that I am using in production and seems to work fine:

[user addObserver:self forKeyPath:@"username" options:(NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew|NSKeyValueObservingOptionOld) context:nil];
Thank you Nate, today I encountered the same problem !
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