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Crash when moving iOS app into background if we call refreshFromServer:

We have an issue where our app crashes when it goes into the background if we make a call to [[KCSUser activeUser] refreshFromServer:…] in our AppDelegate when we're starting up our app. The crashes are often bad access, and sometimes unrecognized selector for didEnterBackground. Have you ever run into this before?

Thank you Nate, today I encountered the same problem !
I had a similar set up (and thus issue) and contacted support about it. The response I got was "When the active user reinstated from nil using the saved credentials, the library fires off a background update on the user object. It's possible the conflicting updates create two contexts which causes the first one to be reclaimed before the notification is handled."

I fixed this with their advice by not actively calling the refreshFromServer method on launch and instead using KVO to observe completion so I could update my UI.

Provided code below that I am using in production and seems to work fine:

[user addObserver:self forKeyPath:@"username" options:(NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew|NSKeyValueObservingOptionOld) context:nil];
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