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Upload public files with KCSLinkedAppdataStore

How can I upload a linked file to a collection as a public file?

This is not supported.
I am uploading files using KCSLinkedAppdataStore. There are couple of problems:

1. First, files are not accessible by other users even though the store that is linked to the file is set up as shared, so I have to set file access manually after each save to the store using KCSLinkedAppdataStore. I do that by querying for the file and make it public.

2. After I make the file public, which is evident by the url it is saved in the linked store, I want to load them by other users. But this fails even though the file is public. Other info in the store can be query, but the file is not downloaded with error "Error downloading file, id='......'"
Well, I am doing that exactly. This results in private files being uploaded to the store
You can link files to entities in collections:
Yes, but there is no such setting for File store.
Hey Ali- Have you seen this documentation on collection permissions yet?
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