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Confusion on Facebook Log In

Hello all,

So I am in the processing of doing Facebook and LinkedIn login integration. I am also using sign in app view that you guys have in the samples. When I login in with both it works fine except I do not know how to access the information to set the correct userName/First Name/Last Name is there any ideas how I can account for this?

I tried to follow the documentation on the Facebook SDK but it is hard because alot of the stuff has been done by Kinvey and I am just not sure how to set it up.

Thanks for any help,


Hey Sean,

Which Kinvey documentation are you looking at?
The comments in the sign in app is pretty much all I am going off of. I looked at the documentation for the Sign in with social identity. Here is the link:

There is not much help on this issue though. I have not setup login with Facebook outside of the Sign In app you guys made so I do not know how Kinvey takes care of the username creation out side of the Sign In app.
Ok, I'm still having trouble understanding where you're getting stuck. Did you take a look at any of the other sample apps?
So the issue I am having is when I use [KCSUser loginWithSocialIdentity:accessDictionary:withCompletionBlock:] if the user is not created it will create a new user with what seems like an user ID from Facebook/linked in as the username. The problem that I am having is trying to get this username to something that the user can use to login with. But I have been told that the user is not suppose to use the traditional login on Kinvey if they use login with Facebook/linked in.

So how do I make it so that username, last name, first name, and email are filled out for that user that is using social sign in?
Kinvey will generate the username and password and return it. These can be modified and re-saved afterwards with whatever you'd like
And My question is if you use sign in with social ID again will it reuse the "renamed" user or just create a new one? And from my understanding it will create a new one. So with this in mind how can I change the username without Kinvey creating a new user every time the user does sign in with Facebook? I display the username when the user posts something in my app. The username that is created by Kinvey would not work ever well with this system.


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