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pingWasSuccessful always NO?

With KinveyKit 1.24.0, I always get a negative result, even if all other operations work, when pinging Kinvey with:

[KCSPing pingKinveyWithBlock:^(KCSPingResult *result) {

if (result.pingWasSuccessful == YES){

NSLog(@"Kinvey Ping Success");

} else {

NSLog(@"Kinvey Ping Failed");



result is always 'The network connection was lost., (null), (null)'.

The documentation states that 'The ping method is a not a robust way to test that the service is available'. Can you recommend better one?

This is a bug in KInveyKit 1.24.0. The best way to test that service is available to is to make an actual call to the service.
Hi Igor, this should be fixed in 1.25.0, available now
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