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pingWasSuccessful always NO?

With KinveyKit 1.24.0, I always get a negative result, even if all other operations work, when pinging Kinvey with:

[KCSPing pingKinveyWithBlock:^(KCSPingResult *result) {

if (result.pingWasSuccessful == YES){

NSLog(@"Kinvey Ping Success");

} else {

NSLog(@"Kinvey Ping Failed");



result is always 'The network connection was lost., (null), (null)'.

The documentation states that 'The ping method is a not a robust way to test that the service is available'. Can you recommend better one?

Hi Igor, this should be fixed in 1.25.0, available now
This is a bug in KInveyKit 1.24.0. The best way to test that service is available to is to make an actual call to the service.
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