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How to access the "Logged in with" data on the user?

Is there a function call for accessing the "Logged in with" data on a user in iOS?

Knowing how to do this in android would be nice as well.



So I found out that if I call NSDictionary *json = [user getValueForAttribute:@"_socialIdentity"]; and print it I get


facebook = {

"access_token" = aToken;

appid = aNumber;

email = "";

gender = male;

id = aNumber;

location = {

id = aNumber;

name = "Places";


name = "Sean Hoffman";



My issue is now is I cannot figure out what this is? Is it an NSdictionary? Or is it a String? How can I access the variables in it?

Thanks for any help,

What type of data are you looking for, exactly?
It is under the name _socialIdentity on a Kinvey user object. I can not find any documentation on this variable on the Kinvey user.

As you can see with what I posted above, there is some very useful information on this variable. Is there any built in functions to access this information?

If not what is the correct way to access this information. I tried to use a NSDictionary and that did not work. I also tried a string and could not get it to work right either. Any ideas?


No there is not. You can use the facebook API to get the profile information you are interested in. That way it is guaranteed to be up to date with them.
Ya that is what I was trying to do, but I am confused on how to do that with the Kinvey Sign In App you guys did. That is why I started the thread below.

Confusion on Facebook Log In:
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