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Kinvey 1.25 version problem

Hi all,

prior to upgrading to newest version of Kinvey 1.25 I queried Users collection with this method:

_store = [KCSAppdataStore storeWithCollection:[KCSCollection userCollection] options:nil];

[_store queryWithQuery:[KCSQuery query] withCompletionBlock:^(NSArray *objectsOrNil, NSError *errorOrNil) {

} withProgressBlock:nil];

After upgrading this method is returning empty array. Is this a bug or there is another way to query the whole user collection now?

Thank you

Are there any error messages? Is your user collection private? If you switch back to 1.24 do the results appear?
Hi Michael. There are no warning, just empty array. My user collection permission is default SHARED. If I switch back to 1.22 ( this was the one I was upgrading from) I get populated array with all my users.
Do you have the kinvey request id?
I don't have it. How can I get one?
Add the following after the KCSClient setup to enable logging. This will print out a ton of info, including the server responses with the kinvey-request-id

[KCSClient configureLoggingWithNetworkEnabled:YES debugEnabled:YES traceEnabled:YES warningEnabled:YES errorEnabled:YES];
KinveyKit 1.26 should fix this issue.
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