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I saved an image using KCSLinkedAppdataStore. I am trying to fetch the image using business logic.


The result is as follows:

results = {

"_acl" = {

creator = 52d42097828edc1e1f693243;


"_hidden" = {

kinveyfiles = (




"_id" = "D6F56F6C-2108-4E0E-BCD3-E4E4890C7FDD";

"_kmd" = {

ect = "2014-01-13T23:36:23.869Z";

lmt = "2014-01-13T23:36:23.869Z";


"test_date" = "2014-01-13 23:36:23 +0000";

"user_color" = green;

"user_name" = josh;

"user_shape" = {

"_id" = "neonObjects-D6F56F6C-2108-4E0E-BCD3-E4E4890C7FDD-user_shape";

"_type" = KinveyFile;



How can i get the image link?
Business Logic does not currently offer a way to resolve KinveyFile references. In order to do so, you can use the request module to access the REST API, which does resolve these references.
Hey Gal Thanks for your reply

But the thing is that first i have to find a particular object using sort

from say a million objects and then

fetch the image from that object.
Joshua, you can use the request module ( to send a REST API request from within BL. Another possibility is to think about simply returning the ID (or IDs) of the matching entities from the BL endpoint, and then requesting them, by ID, through the regular (iOS/REST/etc) API?
Now its working perfect. Thanks Gal.
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