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LinkedIn login is failing.

Hello all,

I am trying to get login with Linked In to work on your sign in sample app. It was working fine 2 or 3 weeks ago, but now for some reason it is giving me a "Sign in with LinkedIn failed' message with an error message of "Login Failed". There is no other information then this. I looked at the code and you guys are printing the error message but it comes out as "Login Failed", is there any ideas on what is wrong?



Is there any other details from the error object?
I went back and just printed the variable "error" instead of just the error message and I found out that it is erroring from "invalid social identity credentials" any idea what that means?
that means that the token is not right. We just pushed out an update, so try again. Make sure all the client and user tokens are correct, as well.

How can I clear the token? I deleted the linkedIn user every case that has worked for facebook?

Still cannot update to latest kinvey release because of my 6 year old macbook.

can you just login again with the new token?
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