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Multitple requests result in no response from backend when updating from 1..22

I have a search field triggering calls to my custom endpoint script each time user types character.

With SDK 1.22 I had no problem at all but updating to 1.23 and newer results in no response to api calls when typing is fast.

Here's my request:


```NSMutableDictionary* parameters = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc]initWithObjectsAndKeys:@"search",@"command",aSearchBar.text,@"query", nil];

[KCSCustomEndpoints callEndpoint:@"controller" params:parameters completionBlock:^(id results, NSError *error) {

if (results)



//handle error



When that happens all other api calls come without response either they refer to custom scripts or direct calls to Data Store/Users.

What is the error?
There is no error message.

I get no callback (even with logging)!

As if the request never fires...
Any updates here?

This should work. Can you send a small project that can reproduce this behavior?
Is there a mail I could send it?
Ok ,check mail from WeTransfer -
This is a bug, this should be fixed in 1.26.
Ok thanks
Updating to 1.26 solved the issue with simultaneous requests but slowed down my tableview update method.

Try switching to 1.26 in the sample project I've sent you to see the results.This was not an issue with previous versions.

All I did was updating to 1.26.

Once I get response from service,I update my datasource and I call [tableview reloadData].

I repeat,this was not an issue with previous SDKs.
Any updates on this one?
I was not able to reproduce any specific issues. Can you send a sample project that reproduces the issue?
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