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Recommendation for Updating Autogenerated Users - iOS Client 1.25

I am attempting to implement lazy registration through the following process:

1) Create an autogenerated user on first app launch.

2) When and if the user decides to register, update KCSUserAttributeSurname, KCSUserAttributeGivenname and KCSUserAttributeEmail, and password.

My questions about this approach are as follows:

1) Does it make sense? If no, I will caveat that an activeUser object is critical to the app running, regardless of whether that user is "registered" or not.

2) Since 2.5 has removed the password property from the KCSUser object, does it require two API calls to accomplish the "registration" mentioned in step 2 above? For example, one call of [[KCSUser activeUser] saveWithCompletionBlock:] to update the KCSUserAttributeSurname, KCSUserAttributeGivenname and KCSUserAttributeEmail properties. And then another call using the [[KCSUser activeUser] changePassword: completionBlock] to update to password?


This is a good approach. I will think about how to best support the #2 use-case, but you should be able to setValue:forAttribute:, where the attribute is @"password" to set the password along with the other properties.
@Michael - Cool. I am using the setValue:ForAttribute:@"password" and it seems to be working correctly.
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