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Wrong type for shouldSaveObject:inCollection:lastAttemptedSaveTime?

KinveyKit 1.25.0. When trying to compare lastAttemptedSaveTime, I get the error:

"[NSCFString timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate]: unrecognized selector sent to instance."

In com.kinvey.offline_cache.sqlite3, time is a VARCHAR. Seems it's cast into a NSDate and not converted?

Hey Igor, is this resolved with the latest release or are you still seeing a problem?
Still there in KinveyKit 1.26.2:

[saveTime isKindOfClass:[NSDate class]] returns false

[saveTime isKindOfClass:[NSString class]] returns true

[(NSString *)saveTime doubleValue] gives the correct answer

[saveTime timeIntervalSinceNow] throws -[__NSCFString timeIntervalSinceNow]: unrecognized selector set to instance

Hi Igor, can you give this more more try with the latest update?
Still there in KinveyKit 1.26.4:

[shouldSaveObject:inCollection:lastAttemptedSaveTime:] saveTime (1394493763.23097) is a string
Hi Mike, update 1.26.7 has the right type.
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