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Testflight Push Notifications

I am having trouble getting push notifications to work with my iOS app when it is deployed through Testflight, though it works fine when building from Xcode with a development provisioning profile.

Since I'm using an AdHoc provisioning profile signed by a production certificate for submitting to Testflight, do I have to "Deploy to Production" in Kinvey's configuration or do I need to use a Production Certificate for the Kinvey development configuration (without deploying to production)?

I care less about push working when building from Xcode than I do about it working for Testflight builds, but it would be nice to have both if possible.

Thanks for any help.

Hey Ed,

It's a good point, and one that's come up before as you might imagine, since the use case is so common. It's definitely something on our radar.
Thanks, that seems to have done it. It sure would be handy to be able to run a test and production push server at the same time or be able to switch between them though.
Hey Ed,

Looking at the documentation, it seems like yes, you should hit Deploy to Production. If this doesn't work let me know and I'll delve in further. (see step 6
Same thing happened to me.
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