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Is there any code or documentation for converting data types?

In the Kinvey guide it says:

"We've also provided built-in converters for common Foundation types (as specified in the table below). If you want to support other types, supply a proxy property (as described below)."

I can't find any docs/samples about the proxy property other than what is mentioned here. Can you point me in the proper direction? Thanks

Unfortunately that was spurious comment from another version of the docs. There's no supported feature for adding dynamic data type support. What type did you want to add?
Well, maybe there is an easier way to go about this.

If I have a complex tree structure of KCSPersistable types. So my top object in the tree is KCSPersistable and has a lot of properties one of which is an array of KCSPersistable types. Each of these objects in this array has a lot of properties and KCSPersistable types. So, something like this:

- Top Object

------- Property1 (NSString)

------- Property2 (NSString)

------- Property3 (int)

------- Property4 (NSMutableArray)

-------------- Subproperty1 (NSString)

-------------- Subproperty2 (NSString)

-------------- Subproperty3 (int)

-------------- Subproperty4 (NSMutableArray)

When attempting to store Top object to the cloud, I would get a bunch of strange errors that were not very descriptive.

One solution I had was instead of storing the collections of objects to the backend, I would simply store an array of IDs for these objects instead of their entire class structure and collections of subobjects.

What do you think? What is best practice for a scenario like this?
Ugh... sorry formatting, that was a nice heirarchical outline before I submitted it.
Ok then, I'll answer it myself. There is a difficult to find blog posting about how to handle this.
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