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Push notification not working on iOS

I have implemented push notification for my application. I have configured the certificates and uploaded (.p12) file to kinvey console and got push key and push secret key. In my iOS application i have used below line to register the push notification on application did finish launch,

[KCSPush registerForPush];

I have successfully got the device token and it has been saved on the users data store. But when i am trying to send push notification from the kinvey console. It saying that "Success, Your notification has been sent" but i haven't received any notification on my iPhone device.

Appreciate if any one of the expert can help me to make it work.

Hey Sivaram,

Did you deploy to production in the console? I'm wondering if it's a similar problem to
Thanks caroline for your response. I did deploy to production on the console. But i am unable to receive the push notification. Is there any thing i need to configure on code.
Is it working correctly when you test on the simulator, and just not working on the device? Or is it also failing on the simulator?
Hi Caroline,

It's not working on both Simulator and Device. Couldn't received notification in development as well as production mode.
It could be a number of different things. My best guess right now is that it's a certificate issue. I'd revoke the certificate and reissue, making sure it matches the provisioning profile. Let's see if that does anything.
Hi Caroline,

Thanks, after revoking the certificate i have received the notification. But on the production mode sometimes i couldn't receive the push notification.
Glad it's (at least partially) working! Is there any pattern to when it works on production versus not? It's strange that it would work sometimes and not others.
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