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refreshFromServer not working after registration

This was working earlier today, but now after registering with the app, calling the refreshFromServer method on the user object fails due to the following reason: 'authorization token invalid or expired.'

What changed in the Kinvey backend today?

This is causing serious issues in the app since none of the calls to the Kinvey API work until the user logs out and logs back in. The expectation was that registering automatically logged a user in.

Hey Ivan,

We have a 3rd party service where we need to create users as well, which is why we have this weird flow of creating a user in Kinvey, then creating a user in the 3rd party service and if that is successful, updating the remaining fields back in Kinvey from App Engine.

The app is already live, so we would prefer at least a temporary fix on the server side, until; we can release a new version of the app. I assume your recommended way would be to return the response back to the app and have the app update the remaining fields.

Is there a server side fix?
Changing the email does change the token, because email among the special fields -

I am surprised that this used to work prior to Mar 20. When did you make the change to move to the Java SDK?

There are some options to fix this depending how how the iOS app is coded. Is this app version not live or you'd rather have a server-side only fix?
To clarify;

I am registering the user from the iOS app using the

KCSUser userWithUsername:email password:password withCompletionBlock:^(KCSUser *user, NSError *errorOrNil, KCSUserActionResult result)

Then I am hitting a CustomEndpoint on Google App Engine, to do some additional processing before saving the user's first name, last name, email and few other custom fields. I make the changes to the User while logged in with the App Id and Master Secret.

Upon a successful response from App Engine, I am calling the refreshFromServer method on the user which is failing due to invalid credentials.

So I guess, does making modifications to the User from the Java SDK while logged in as with the App Id and Master Secret, invalidate the access token for the user?

All of this was working prior to Mar 20, so is there anything that has change since then?
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