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Reachability clarification

My app is used behind a firewall restricting http usage. When it's up, [KCSClient sharedClient].kinveyReachability stays true so I have to monitor service availability using KCSPing pingKinveyWithBlock:. The problem is that KCSPing pingKinveyWithBlock: fails ... after 300s. Is there a way to reduce that delay?

Igor, it depends on what the error type is. You can also just try opening up a connection to using standard Foundation HTTP access to see if the server is available.

The firewall policy is DROP, so the app has to timeout. I tried to manipulate [KCSClient sharedClient].connectionTimeout but It seems to be read-only and not timing out any connection in that case. I'm using offline mode, but nothing gets ever queued.

I would prefer not rolling out my own test if it's already done in the library. Don't you monitor the service availability to start processing the queue?

You can update the timeout by a configuration option:

The reachability change is more like a guess based upon the device's ability to see the internet. Changes to in-between hops or router configurations may not cause reachability updates. That's why the library also uses sucess/failure of subsequent requests as a hint to reachability. If you need something more reliable, you must do it yourself.
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