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Push notifications not being received

After some time, I am unable to send notifications to users until their user record is deleted and recreated. The same device token is used before and after. I tried the test console for sending them and nothing works except recreating the user with the same device token. I am wondering if there was a failed send that marked that device token internally as disabled to prevent further sends per Apple documentation regarding the feedback service? I could have confirmed this if there were any logs for push notifications or a portal to Urban Airship to see their logs.

Hey Jason, thanks for bringing this to our attention- it sounds like a strange behavior. We'll try to reproduce and see what we come up with.
The device token was "cd9634e84cfe9cb3457cd7889083a64eaeff29fda979d36f6fac4e73d3ae9318". Can you see if it ended up on any internal lists that would prevent push notifications from going to it as a result of a failure from Apple's feedback service?
Hi Jason,

I'd recommend resetting the device token and seeing if that fixes the problem. Apple will sometimes disable a device until it reregisters, and urban airship doesn't give us good visibility into that.  We can look to see if a device has been disabled or not, but not if it was disabled previously or why it was disabled.  There isn't an API for this (or at least there hasn't been in the past).  Resetting the device token usually fixes the problem.

from this link i get that urban airship deactivates certain devices that were reported by apple. how do I reactivate those again? Urban Airship mentions that its a good practice to check for this on a daily or hourly basis depending on traffic. My question is, does Kinvey take care of this on my behalf?
Hi @adl88‌,

We don't manage the device deactivations at this time, but Urban Airship manages their deactivation for your app so as not to violate APNS policy.
Device token 32681b469c6694afbf19e05d6b9e2fbb9a6b6895efa764aa336166167e107a1a has stopped receiving notifications. Various tokens have stopped receiving notifications. I've been able to work around it by deleting the user and creating a new one with the same token. The fact that the problem goes away with a new user record with the same token suggests that there may be a black list of users rather than tokens preventing notification delivery. The token is from a recent install and is registered every launch. The device is powered on with an internet connection and can receive notifications from other apps.
Michael or Caroline, could you provide an answer to the post above please.
Do you have the same issue sending the push notifications from business logic, or is it just from the web console?
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