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Query with LastModifiedTime parameter not supported

I recently updated the iOS SDK from 1.22.0 to 1.26.6 and I'm no longer able to query for data that was updated since a specific time.

NSString *lastUpdated = @"2013-08-01T11:22:57.075Z";

KCSQuery* modifiedDateQuery = [KCSQuery queryOnField:KCSMetadataFieldLastModifiedTime usingConditionalsForValues:kKCSGreaterThan, lastUpdated, nil];

[store queryWithQuery:modifiedDateQuery withCompletionBlock:^(NSArray *objectsOrNil, NSError *errorOrNil) { ... }

With the previous version of the SDK, I was able to get all the objects that had a LastModifiedTime after 8/1, but with the new SDK, i am getting the following error:

> KCSQuery2:285 [ERROR (DATA)] Support for query "{

> "_kmd.lmt" = {

> "$gt" = "2014-04-11 18:22:09 +0000";

> };

> }" not supported yet. Contact to get this supported.

Please let me know what the correct way is with the new version of the SDK.

I am facing same problem.

It seems that query works fine, returning, for your case, only records modified after 'lastUpdate', but I got this error on console every time.
Hey Arun and Fabricio, Apologies for the delay, our lead iOS dev is on holiday for a few days. We've got this question on our radar.
There was a business logic bug that put improperly formatted dates in the metadata. You'll have to manually update your objects.
Hi Mike,

Can you clarify what the correct format should be?

The format that I see in the datastore is:


I am using the date string "2013-08-01T11:22:57.075Z" and I am still getting the error:

`[ERROR (DATA)] Support for query "{

"_kmd.lmt" = {

"$gt" = "2013-08-01T11:22:57.075Z";


That error message itself is an error, you can safely ignore.
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