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Caching User attributes

I'm experiencing a strange issue with caching user attributes. Logging in to the app, I can see that the Kinvey offline cache database downloads and stores the user data.

After updating a custom user attribute and saving to the server using the -[KCSUser saveWithCompletionBlock:]

It seems to have updated in memory, but the offline cache database is not getting updated.

Later, when the app is closed and reopened, it loads the old data from the offline cache database.

Is there something I need to do to save to the offline cache database? I am using v1.26.6 of the iOS SDK.

A fix for this issue was released in [v1.26.8]( "1.26.8"). There may be a newer version.
This thread was continued in PM- resulting in a bug fix that will go out soon.
Can you send us a sample project that reproduces this issue?
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