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Problem when saving/refreshing active user

I have a problem when saving and refreshing the logged user. After change some attribute (i.e. 'first_name') I call [KCSUser saveWithCompletionBlock:]. The problem is that it seems that information is not saved locally (on server, it was saved successfully).

After saving an user field, if I logout and then login, the user is loaded with correct, or updated data.

I don't know if this information was to be saved at obj column of user_user table of .db offline cache kinvey database, but this column is not updated after saving as well.

I already used [KCSUser refreshFromServer:] at onSuccess of saveWithCompletionBlock method, and it does not work too.

This information seems to be saved while my app is active (on [KCSUser activeUser] object instance). When I close the app and restart it, user info is back to old data, before editing.

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

This is a duplicate:

We're working on a fix.
A fix for this issue was released in [v1.26.8]( "1.26.8"). There may be a newer version.
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