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APNS Credentials not updating

I am attempting to update the Apple Push Notification credentials with a new certificate. Every time I upload the new certificate I get a success message that says it was updated, but the actual credentials don't change and push is not working correctly (works fine in another environment with same certificate).

Is this a known bug and is there anything I can do about it short of creating a new environment?

Hey Ed, are you deploying to production?
To follow up, there are multiple issues with push notifications that we've seen come up over and over again. Certificates, device tokens being blacklisted, and not deploying to production are the most common of these issues. We are building a more comprehensive troubleshooting guide that will address all of these.

Have you ever fixed this without changing the environment?? its very cheap that this problem have been existing since a year ago, doesn't seem like Kinvey is doing anything about it.


This was fixed over a year ago.   Drag and drop a new certificate, then hit the save button.


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