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Query Close Match/Exact match


I have a Collection with a string property "Title".

One of the entities has Title = @"Aris" but querying withExactMatchForValue only returns that entity when user types @"Aris" while I want it fetched when @"ar" is typed.

In other words,how can I search for close match on a Collection?


withExactMatchForValue only returns objects that exactly match the supplied value. We don't support arbitrary text search.
Aris, I just want to add to what Mike said. There is a way to perform a straight forward way to add case-sensitive anchored regex query with the platform. Exact match is obviously supported.

Checkout the mongo [query docs]( "query docs") for what's possible (we've disabled all uses of $regex but anchored and all uses of $where).
Using [KCSQuery queryOnField: withRegex: ] with the appropriate regular expression ,I managed to get the job done!

Thanks a lot guys!
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