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KCSUser RefreshFromServer not reaching completion block

The following code will reach **Inside If** and **Inside Else**, but will not currently reach **Inside Block**:

if (![KCSUser hasSavedCredentials]) {

// Inside If

} else {

// Inside Else

[[KCSUser activeUser] refreshFromServer:^(NSArray *objectsOrNil, NSError *errorOrNil) {

// Inside Block

if (errorOrNil == nil) {

// No Error

} else {

// Error




Is there something else I am supposed to be doing before refreshing the active user?

Let's try to pin down where your problems are deriving from. For further investigations could you please provide a few more details.

* Which Kinvey library are you using and what version:

* What are you trying to do and which steps are you taking to achieve that? At which step are you seeing the issue?

1. Step 1

2. Step 2

3. ...

* What are you expecting instead:

That information will help us to find an entry point for hunting down this problem. You can also take a look at our various troubleshooting guides at

We have numerous samples which demonstrate how login works. You can take a look at one of those and see what is different.

You should make sure the `activeUser` is not nil. Try

if (![KCSUser activeUser]) { ...

} else { ... }
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