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Bug saving array of Objects

There seems to be a bug when saving array of entities.


[_store saveObject:@[Obj1,Obj2,Obj3,Obj4] withCompletionBlock:^(NSArray *ObjectsOrNil, NSError *ErrorOrNil)



Store saves only the first object and ObjectsOrNill seem to contain Obj1 four times.

In previous versions of your SDK this worked fine for me but I cannot tell with certainty which was the last one stable.

Is it actually a bug?

Seems I was overriding isEqual method, in my object Class, incorrectly!

Multi-object saving works as expected!

My bad!

I'm not able to reproduce, all our multi-object saving tests work as expected. Is there any errors? Can you send sample code to reproduce?
Hey Arris, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'll make sure Mike sees this.
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