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KCSAppdataStore queryWithQuery Read Requires Authentication on Shared collection?

I have a KCSAppdataStore that I'm calling queryWithQuery addQuery: queryOnField: using withExactMatchForValue:, withRegex:, and usingConditional:forValue parameters. When I try to do this without logging in I get the error message:

Error Domain=KCSNetworkErrorDomain Code=401 "No Authorization Found"

Since my DataStore Collection is "Shared" and the query is read-only shouldn't this work without authentication? What am I missing?


Yes, exactly.
Got it, so would an acceptable approach be to use KCSUser createAutogeneratedUser: to allow the collection to be queried easily first and then to require sign-in/sign-up to create/update/delete record details?
Accessing any collection requires login first. Shared means shared between users.
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