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Get a NSDictionary for KCSPersistable Object. How to convert it to Custom Class

I am working on an iPhone app whose backend is developed in javascript. I query backend to return a row from my collection against _id. The backend returns me an nsdictionary object. Here is what it returns


"_acl" = 53a18635cdf08d2f570375d6;

"_id" = 53ce1935ba823db42c087702;

"_kmd" = {

ect = "2014-07-22T07:56:37.648Z";

lmt = "2014-07-22T07:56:37.648Z";


center = "";

creator = {

"_collection" = user;

"_id" = 53a18635cdf08d2f570375d6;

"_type" = KinveyRef;


invited = (

"[object Object]"


members = ();


I don't know how to map it to my class. Whenever I query kinvey console, it sends me response mapped according to my custom class. I am pretty much stuck here. Is there a way to get custom object from dictionary and mapping is done properly.

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You need to create a KCSPeristable implementation and set it in the KCSCollection object.
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