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Business Logic response not working since today morning.

Today morning when i started running the app, the business logic is not working

and giving me the following slog,

debug = "Your Business Logic script returned a status code of -1, which is outside the allowed range";

description = "Your Business Logic script must return a numeric HTTP status code between 100 and 599.";

error = BLInvalidHTTPStatusCode;

Can you please tell why its not working

Hi Caroline

Its working now.Thanks
Hey Tom, Upon looking further at the error log, I don't think that the performance issue is related to your issue. Can you post some of the BL code so we can take a look?
Hi Tom,

We're experiencing some latency, which is likely the cause. We're posting updates on the issue to this thread:
The App name is yooka

and custom endpoint name is Posts
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