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With uploading files have some zero k files.

Sometimes when uploading a mov file to Kinvey file system we get no error but file is zero k. So basically have a corrupt file in the backend. Any idea what could be happening?

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Hi Lodijones,

Does the file work in the application? I'm trying to determine if it is a console display issue or an uploading issue.
The file is referenced and loaded when called but is zero k so it does nothing. The iOS movie player starts to stream but calls onComplete as fast as it starts. I am not using the right terms here but think it makes sense.
Hi, do you get any errors when trying to download the 0-kb file? can you do the following:

1. Through the Kinvey API Console, make a GET request to /blob/your-app-id/id-of-zero-kb-blob

2. Try to download the file using the URL in the _downloadURL property of the returned entity.

3. If you get an error, please reply to this thread with its text.
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