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With uploading files have some zero k files.

Sometimes when uploading a mov file to Kinvey file system we get no error but file is zero k. So basically have a corrupt file in the backend. Any idea what could be happening?

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Hi, do you get any errors when trying to download the 0-kb file? can you do the following:

1. Through the Kinvey API Console, make a GET request to /blob/your-app-id/id-of-zero-kb-blob

2. Try to download the file using the URL in the _downloadURL property of the returned entity.

3. If you get an error, please reply to this thread with its text.
The file is referenced and loaded when called but is zero k so it does nothing. The iOS movie player starts to stream but calls onComplete as fast as it starts. I am not using the right terms here but think it makes sense.
Hi Lodijones,

Does the file work in the application? I'm trying to determine if it is a console display issue or an uploading issue.
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