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iOS 8 Push Notifications | Not getting devicetoken

Building project under iOS 8 SDK results in user's device token ( for push notifications) not being saved.

Under iOS 7 SDK everything works fine.

Do you have any updates on this one?



No, but we are getting there :) This is what we have so far: Users receiving push are * iOS 7 users running my app build with iOS 8 SDK OR * users that have devicetoken stored in _push field (these users were actually created over four months ago with my app built with iOS 7 SDK - let's call them "old users") Problem is with iOS 8 devices running my app built with iOS 8 SDK. "_messaging" is empty
Damien this issue is blocking my AppStore release. Please...I need a solution!
Aris: Let's move this to email. Please email me a copy of the code that you're using to initialize push and I'll take a peek at it. My email is the same as my forum username @ Thanks,
Thanks a lot! Check mail
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