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Facebook Login Integration

My project needs Facebook login integration. Can you give me a working demo code of the latest Facebook integration? Thanks in advance!


Hey there Sumi,

This is something we have set for review in early 2015 (hopefully January) as many of our engineers are out on vacation until that time. For now I will escalate this to the responsible team in order for it to get more visibility. If you want I can reach out to you when our example is finished?

Btw I am in need of native iOS and andriod integration to facebook, linkedin & twitter login
Thanks Damien for the response! Checkingin to see if the new code for facebook login is available and what is the link for it?

Also do you have code base for linkedin and twitter integration aswell?

We are in the process of updating an example app that we've made. Once that's up to date on our github I'll provide you with a link here. We expect this to be updated before the end of the week. The app in question shows a working facebook integration script in action.

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