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ios8 push notifications


I am currently building my first app with kinvey. When trying to register for push notifications I get this message:

2014-12-08 18:39:14.637 xxxxx-rtn[3488:2693695] registerForRemoteNotificationTypes: is not supported in iOS 8.0 and later.

Looking at the GeoTag sample it seems that this app uses a different mechanism for push sign up. It uses initializePushWithPushKey instead of the registerForPush as shown in the push guide. The initizalizePushWithPushKey seems to be absent from the current KinveyKit 1.27; version history says that this had been deprecated with 1.19, but there is no removal notice.

How am I supposed to register for push notifications with ios8 and the current KinveyKit version? Or is there an option to downgrade to a KinveyKit version that will allow to work with push notifications for ios8?




There is an updated version of the library that is completed but hasn't been updated on the website quite yet. The person who is supposed to be doing to release has been INSANELY busy the past few days (His calendar today was booked from 10am - 7pm, double booked in some places). Tomorrow he has a few hours in the afternoon where it looks like he will be pushing 1.28 into official production.

Please note: 1.28 is NOT backwards compatible with iOS6, so if you have any users that require that, please do not consider this a cure_all solution. That said, we realized that a very small portion of our users were using devices that ran iOS6, so this is unlikely to present as an issue.

I will update this post when the dev center / documentation / link is updated.

Any update on this?
The library has been updated on our website and KinveyKit 1.28 has been released at this time.

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