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Hello, My name is Ali Fardos and I am trying to create online profiles for my users and link their earnings from the app to kinvey and then show the users their earnings, name and email. I have trackers in my app and it shows on my app but i want it to show on my side when it gets updated and show the users as well. I am currently also trying to do post back / callback / server to server and i don't know where to begin. Please do not refer me to your documentation because i couldn't find these answers and please don't tell me you need more information because this is all i need. Thank you


I'd be happy to help.

When you mention "post back" or "server to server" calls, I assume you mean having another server make a request to Kinvey for some data. In that scenario, you'd treat the other server just like another client device requesting data. You can use the REST API directly, or any one of our server-side SDKs (Node, Java).

As for your other question, "i want it to show on my side when it gets updated and show the users as well.", unfortunately I don't fully understand what you are asking. You mentioned that I shouldn't ask for more information, but without more context or a clear statement of the question, I'm afraid I can't help much more. Can you perhaps try explaining what you've attempted so far, and where you ran into a roadblock?

So basically, On my app i want to show the users once they signed in, their name and their earnings. My app is based on the amount of earnings my users make
from watching videos and downloading apps. That is where the callback url / api come ins because i want their ad servers to transfer data based on users from their end to kinvey and then kinvey uses that data and shows it to each user based on what they did.
Okay, that makes sense. In that case, does my suggestion above (to treat those ad servers like another client of the Kinvey data) help then? If not, is there a specific problem you are having around connecting these ad servers that I could help with?
yes it does, i just need some help setting it up because they ask for urls for the server which i dont know how to do and what should i do about the users information showing on my app. I am using a uiview controller on objectice C in Xcode not a table view because most of your samples are with table views
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