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Random 5-10 minutes delays on pushes: normal, Kinvey or Apple?

I'm seeing 5-10 minute delays on push in development, in about 50% of cases, to an iOS device. Is that normal, Apple throttling for development, or something specific to Kinvey (or UA)? (It happens in a postSave BL, and other changes it made are available before the push comes in.) If I send 4-5 in a row, say one per 30 seconds, and then repeat that behavior say once an hour, it's the early ones (per hour) that get delayed. Subsequent ones go through much faster, 2-5 seconds, usually. Then 5 minutes later the first ones show up. Are my initial push causing UA to spin up a connection to Apple servers, and it takes a little while? Or maybe this is an Apple penalty for reconnecting to their push servers what they consider "often"? Are they prioritized based on time since last push? like maybe the first push gets put in a low priority queue since the previous one was an hour before? and subsequent ones get put on a high priority queue since they are happening at a higher frequency? Or is Apple (or UA or Kinvey for that matter) adding random delays because I'm in a development environment? Or is this just the nature of push?
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Hello there Ben,

Unfortunately we are unable to comment as to where the hangup may be. The reasoning doesn't really have as much to do with Kinvey as it does with how push was architected by apple. From Apple's dev center.

"Important: Delivery of notifications is a “best effort”, not guaranteed. It is not intended to deliver data to your app, only to notify the user that there is new data available." (

As a result debugging individual messages from the APNS is extremely difficult as it's fire-and-forget.

With that being said I'm afraid that I can't give you any real clues to troubleshooting this, on the bright side, at least all the notifications made it to the test devices.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,
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