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Problem implementing sign up / login

Dear kinvey team,

I am developing an app that implements the typical sign up / login screen offering email/pass, facebook and google+. It seems that when I login using a different system, kinvey is creating a different user, which means that the data will be split in 3 different places. Is there a way kinvey can recognize me as the same user independently of the system I use for logging in?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Currently we do not support multiple social identities, although you could use some business logic to add the social identity keys to new custom fields in your user object (such as `facebook_login` or `twitter_login`) and then pull from these fields when you need to make requests.

Once a user has logged in once, keep track of their _id so that if another social identity is added you can update the current user instead of logging in a new one.
Hi Edward,

do you have any example about this solution or maybe a tutorial?

Thanks a lot!



I would also like an example or tutorial on this

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