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I'm not receiving push notifications

I followed the push guide but am not getting messages when I send a push notification through the console. What could the issue be?

Push requires a lot of configuration, so there are some things to double check.

First make sure your manifest has all the permissions listed here:

If those are all there, open up the GCMBroadcastReceiver class you had to add and ensure that there aren't any typos in the string returned by getGCMIntentServiceClassName -- it should be a fully qualified name of the KinveyGCMService implementation you also had to add. They don't have to be in the same package, but make sure the entire package name is there.

Now, go back to the manifest, and confirm that the declaration has a name which matches the name of that GCMBroadcastReceiver. Within that receiver there is an . and make sure that filter has a category set to match the `package` declaration at the top of your manifest file. Lastly, there should also be a defined with a name set to your KinveyGCMService.

If all that looks right and you are calling `myClient.push().initialize(myApplication())` after logging in a user, then open up and ensure that the current logged in user has a _push field, containing a long GCM id.

Also, the code snippet provided in the push guide will just log the message to logcat-- so ensure your device is plugged in and watch the logs when you send a push notification. You can use the native NotificationBuilder to display a notification, or parse the message and perform custom actions without alerting the user at all.
I have done all the steps you mentioned. Everything seems okay at first look. I get Log-messages like: "Client is fully initialized and push is enabled" and it says I have a registered GCMid. The _push field is also appearing in the console.

However, I am not receiving any messages when I try to push to every user from the console. Do you have any idea what the problem might be? I have used the exact same implementation as in the guide.
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