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mKinveyClient.user().update(...) deletes other fields

After I call the method mKinveyClient.user().put(..) the I call mKinveyClient.user().update() happens that the other fields are erased. What happened for real? I expected the update method to just update the field I changed with put method. An example:

at first I call

String name = "John";

String surname = "Red"

mKinveyClient.user().put("name", name);

mKinveyClient.user().put("surname", surnme);

mKinveyClient.user().update(new KinveyUserCallback() {


public void onFailure(Throwable t) {

//some codes here



public void onSuccess(User u) {

//other codes here



It works fine!

But let Jonh changed his name to Carl then I call:

mKinveyClient.user().put("name", "Carl");

mKinveyClient.user().update(new KinveyUserCallback() {...//stuffs}

On dashboard John changed his name but he lost the surname. The field result to be blank.... why??

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Currently we do not support partial updates, so every call to `update` will replace the existing user data with the new user data.

If you want to get around this and perform multiple updates to a user object, apply them to that `User u` that is returned from the call to onSuccess() for `update`. This object contains the latest state of the User.
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