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Problem with TestDrive Project


I downloaded and installed the TestDrive (for phonegap) file, and run the "phonegap build android" command,

Here's the output I got:

[phonegap] detecting Android SDK environment...

[phonegap] using the local environment

[phonegap] adding the Android platform...

[Error] An error occurred during creation of android sub-project. Creating Cordova project for the Android platform:

What might be causing this error message?

Hi zongzi,

I did a bit of searching for your error message and found a stackoverflow question that may be relevant:

Let me know if that is useful.
Hi Caroline,

I read those stackoverflow posts before i posted the question here. I tried remove .cordova folder, it didn't fix the problem.

My ant installation is 1.9.2.

I start to wonder if it has anything to do with me using windows8.1?

This sounds like a Cordova setup problem-- which isn't something we can actively support since we don't have any insight into their tech. My best suggestion is to contact their support.
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