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data storage and users

Is there a way to retrieve data from users and data storage from kinvey backend without REST calls? I want to get queries from the client, fetch the data, changed it and then send it back to the client.

What platform are you developing for? We have client libraries for various platforms available on our devcenter at
yeah I know. I am developing for android. The thing is the lookup function is not sufficient and I need to do this with end point (so I think) but not sure how
I've tagged under Android so we can get the right eyes on it.
Have you looked at Collection Hooks? This might be what you want.

The idea is that you can execute javascript before or after any request is made-- this means you can make a request from the android library, intercept it with your collection hook, modify it, and then finally return it.

Does that sound like what you are looking for?
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