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Android CachePolicy.BOTH appears broken

Without any caching, every request takes ~9ooms.

With CachePolicy.CACHEFIRST, the first request takes about ~9ooms. Subsequent requests take ~35ms.

With CachePolicy.BOTH, every request takes ~9ooms, and the listener only gets called once. It seems like the implementation is ignoring the cache hit.

Happy holidays to everyone on the Kinvey team! Have you guys had a chance to look into this issue per chance?
Sorry about the delay in response, our Android lead is on vacation and expected back next week!
Hey, Happy Holidays and thanks for your patience!

I just did some investigation and this does look like a bug in the android library. I'll get the fix in and a release out next week. I can post here when that new version is live. Thanks for reporting the issue, and sorry about the delay!

Thank you @Edward! Looking forward to the fix =)
Hi Edward, just wanted to check in quickly and see if you have an ETA for this - we were hoping to integrate the fix last week. Thanks again!
Hey sorry for the delay, I was trying to sneak another bug fix into this release but it ended up taking longer than I expected. I'll ship a new version today with this fix, also, are you on twitter? I appreciate this type of feedback and would like to give you a shoutout!
Hey I just released version 2.6.12 of the android library, which has a fix for this issue!

Thanks again for reporting it, and let me know if you find anything else or have any feature requests for the future!
Thank you Edward! Much appreciated, we'll check it out today! Also, we're not actively tweeting yet, but we'll be at @streetbeatapp


Team Samsung Street Beat
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