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Android Push Notifications don't work

I read manual about push notification for android. At first step, I created Google Project in Console and got ProjectID, ProjectNumber and APIKey. At the second step I should paste ProjectNumber and APIKey at the Kinvey Project's Properties, but on the screenshot is wrote ProjectID. What should I paste in that TextBox?

What I should paste at the file at this line "gcm.senderID=mySenderID" ProjectID or ProjectNumber?

ProjectNumber is autogenerated by Google, ProjectID is created by user.

I used only ProjectNumber, but I also used ProjectID at console and ProjectNumber at property kinvey file. These methods dowsn't work.

I can Register and Unregister Android phone, but I can't get message from server.

The remainder part of the manual I have fully complited.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, it works
Just leave the IP field blank, and that should work.
Thanks, but at Google Developer Console after creating server key, I should fill textbox with IP of server. What is the correct ip of kinvey server for Google Developer Console and GCM?
Ahh I see how that can be confusing.

Use the `project number`, for one my projects it looks like this: 517053089454. This same number goes both in the console and in the file for your project.

Also, note that you need to create an `api server key` for the api key value (not an android key, a server key).
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